Benfits of Voice2Net Corp VoIP Service:

Keep your Telephone Numbers:

Voice2Net has one of the largest coverage areas in Canada for Porting Telephone numbers.  If you have branch offices throughout Canada, we can most likely port those numbers.  Voice2Net can also port your USA numbers for your branch offices..

New Numbers and Toll Free Numbers:

Voice2Net carries a large inventory of unassigned telephone numbers and Toll Free numbers for quick deployment for new office or services setup.

Cost Savings:

Cut your phone costs by up to 50% and enjoy unlimited long distance calling to Canada and the USA.

Voice2Net has been providing Telephone Systems and  Voice over IP Services in Eastern Ontario since 2002.  We are a local company with on site service provided by trained technicians.

E911 Emergency Service:

Voice2Net is fully compliant with the CRTC regulations regarding E911 emergency calling for VoIP.  Voice2Net also provides an online site for subscribers to check their E911 information and change it if required.

Take your business where you need it:

Set up a home office or remote office in minutes.  Reach remote employees by direct dialing their extension.  Great for employees who work out of the home or at a remote office.

Unified Communications:

Make the most of your office communications.  Control your IP phone features over the Internet, access voicemail over e-mail and pickup office calls on your cell.

Grows with your Business:

Add phones to your service as your business expands.  Each employee has multiple lines to make and receive calls.

Local Service:

Voice2Net monitors our trouble tickets and support voicemail messages 17 hours a day from 7:00 am until 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time 7 days a week.

On Site Service:

Voice2Net provides on site setup and installation of all our products.  Need cabling installed, no problem, our staff is fully trained on network installation procedures.