Building the Wireless office is easy:

Plug the base station into your router and  connect your cordless desk phones and handsets.  As your business grows, you can mix and match a total of six (6) cordless desk phones and cordless handsets.


For increased mobility within the office the Telefield IP070 VoIP Business Wireless Accessory Deskphone can be paired with theTelefield IP160 or Telefield IP170. Up to 6 HD Voice DECT 2 line deskphones can be paired with each base station making setting up a flexible office space easy.

 Product Description
The IP070 is an expansion DECT deskphone that can be paired with either a Telefield IP170 or Telefield IP160. Up to 6 Telefield IP070 deskphones can be paired with each Base Station.

Telefield IP070 Calling Features:
For ease of call management the phone’s features an easy to use numerical keypad and dedicated keys for popular calling features.

  •  2 Line Keys
  •  4 Soft Keys
  •  12 Quick Dial Keys
  •  Page
  •  Message Scroll
  •  Mute/Cancel
  •  Volume Controls
  •  Speakerphone
  •  Headset Jack
  • Navigation Wheel

Telefield IP070 Call Handling:

For call handling this DECT phone offers users several options including:

  •  An HD Voice Handset
  •  A Full Duplex Speakerphone​
  •  And the ability to use a Headset

​Each Telefield IP160 Base Station can be paired with a combination of up to six (6) IP060 handsets or IP070 deskphones. This makes creating a wireless workspace that can grow with your businesses easy.