• IP120

    For sales and customer service agents the Telefield IP125 VoIP business phone can help them get more out of every call. This HD Voice 3 line phone includes many core business telephony features to help increase users efficiency and productivity.

    The IP120 is second addition to the Telefield line of VOIP phones. Designed for users who need to handle higher call volumes, the IP120 is the right phone for busy office workers.

    IP120 Calling Features:

    For ease of call management the phone’s base features an easy to use numerical keypad and dedicated keys for popular calling features.

  •  3 Line Keys
  •  Dial 
  • Transfer
  •  Hold
  •  Mute/Cancel
  •  Volume Controls
  •  Speakerphone
  •  Headset
  •  Voicemail
  •  Navigation Wheel

     The IP120 also features 4 soft keys that can be mapped to desired telephony platform functionality.

    Telefield IP120 Call Handling:

    For call handling the Telefield IP120 offers users several options including:

  •  An HD Voice Handset
  •  A Full Duplex Speakerphone
  •  And the ability to use a Headset with the RJ9 headset jack