Let us manage your Telephone System!
VoIP is the new alternative to antiquated PBX systems. It is predictable cost and superior call quality. It is advanced functionality for people on the go. It is being charged a flat-rate rather than by the minute. It is for smaller companies and bigger shops, and its easy to switch.

  • Call Forwarding:  For times you are away and you want your phone redirected, lift the handset and dial *72 or use our the web interface.Auto Attendant:  Send all inbound calls to your automated attendant, multiple levels and choices with pre defined options.
  • Cell Mate:  Need to always be in touch, set your phone to ring your cell phone at the same time it rings your home phone using the web interface.
  • 911 Calling:  Lift your handset and dial 911.  An Emergency service operator will assist you.
  • Caller ID With Name:  Always know who is calling before you lift the handset.
  • ​​Call Waiting:  Never miss a call, if you have call display, we even tell you who the 2nd call is from.
  • Three Way Calling: Want to add a 3rd party to your call, just flash to hookswitch and dial them.
  • Remote Numbers:  Doing business or providing service in other cities, add a local number for that city and your callers can reach you for free, giving the appearance you are local.
  • ​Hunt Groups:  The Hunt Group option lets you ring multiple phones at one, if no one answers, use a 2nd or 3rd option.
  • Voice Mail:  Make sure you never miss someone.  Voice mail is an easy way to keep in touch.
  • Voice Mail to Email:  An easy way to track your voice mail messages, voice2net will send you an email with the voice mail attached to it.
  • ​Voice Mail On Line:  Log onto your phone account,  view, listen, forward or delete you voice mail messages with our user friendly web interface. 
  • ​On Line Administrator:  Voice2net's user friendly web interface allows you to easily setup cell phones, call forwarding, manage voice mail and view call history.
  • Last Number Redial:  Easily redial the last number you dialed, lift the handset and press *66.
  • Day/Night Answer:  Use live answer in the day time, then at noon, evenings or weekends, send you calls to the auto attendant, a remote phone or voice mail.
  • ​Do Not Disturb:  Need some quiet time lift your handset and dial *78 to turn it on or *79 to disable Do Not Disturb.
  • ​Remote Office:  The voice2net solution lets you place your phones anywhere there is a good internet connection, remote offices with a single management point are now the norm.
  • Busy Lamp Indicators:  Monitor the status of other Telephones on your phone system if your Telephone is equipped with the BLF Feature.
  • Music On Hold/Ad on Hold:   While customers are waiting on hold they can listen to a canned MOH or you can play a customer message.
  • Call Park Keys:    You can easily park calls with the pressing of a button and monitor the status of the Parked Call thru a BLF Key if equipped.
  • Call Return:  Call back the last number that called your office by dialing *69.
  • Missed Call Display:  You can scroll thru the call history on the screen of your IP phone to look up missed calls or parties that have recently called you.